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Coffee Shops

Find the perfect coffee shop

Coffee shops... we love them!

Each independent coffee shop is wonderfully unique. Creating incredible coffee from custom blends and ingredients. Amazing food that you need to try. But most importantly, passionate and welcoming baristas you can’t wait to see time and time again.

What is not to love?

independent coffee shops
takeaway coffee from independent coffee shop

Why independent coffee shops?

There are so many reasons! Let’s start with our favourites.

They have all the coffee drinks you would expect plus unique twists you would never see at a branded shop.

Each creates freshly prepared food from locally sourced suppliers.

They are FULL of character. Each independent coffee shop you go in will be different from the last.

Featured Coffee Shop Destinations

We are working our way across the UK to find you the best places to find amazing coffee. Discover some of the best independent coffee shops and cafes the UK has to offer. From large city destinations to hidden country gems we have you covered. 

Find coffee shops with BrewRound

There is now a new way to order great takeaway coffee

Step 1
Find the nearest coffee shop
With the BrewRound app you can find the nearest coffee shops in seconds. Just choose out the one that takes your fancy.
Step 1
Step 2
Make an order
Pick out your favourite drink, choose when you want to collect it and pay… all on the app in a couple of clicks.
Step 2
Step 3
Collect your drink
By the time you get to the coffee shop your drink will be freshly made and ready to go.
Step 3

Coffee Shop Owners Join Us

Many coffee shops are already in the process of joining BrewRound.
Now is the perfect time to join ready for launch early 2020.