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Coffee ordering app

Take and receive orders with BrewRound’s coffee ordering app

Take orders with BrewRound's coffee ordering app

BrewRound’s coffee shop app allows your coffee shop to make ordering easy. Allow new customers to find the perfect drink and remember what your regulars love.

Take orders

Get more orders

The BrewRound coffee ordering app makes it incredibly simple for your customers to order.

In just 4 steps a customer can find and order from your coffee shop. 

  1. Find your coffee shop on the app
  2. Choose what they would like to order from your menu
  3. Put in payment details
  4. That is it! The order is confirmed and ready for you to make
coffee shop ordering app transaction increase


Making ordering easier

save your favourite coffee to make ordering easier

BrewRounds coffee ordering app has made it incredibly simple for users to save their favourite orders.

When your coffee shop is added as a favourite by the user it makes it incredibly simple for them to order from you again.

Why would you want a coffee ordering app that does this?

It means that customers that have favorited an order at your coffee shop can order in just 2-clicks within the app!

This makes the chance of repeat orders a lot higher. 


Get bigger orders

As well as getting more orders, increasing the order value is a great way of making your coffee shop more profitable.

BrewRound’s smart in app AI knows when to offer customer the best upsells during the checkout process.

How does this coffee ordering app increase average order values?

For example, let’s look at John. A regular BrewRound user who is partial to a croissant. If he visited your coffee shop for the first time, and you sold croissants, he would be offered one to add to his order.

That is revenue your would have potentially missed out on if a member of staff forgot to ask the customer.

Order Management

Making processing orders a breeze

Now you are receiving all these orders you need a way to effectively manage everything.

This may seem daunting but be assured, this is no issues with BrewRound.

Your coffee shop will have access to the BrewRound order management system. This is controlled from a tablet device, either one your already have or we can provide one.

As orders come in you will see them appear clearly in the app. You can then click to accept orders as they come in and you start making them. 

Once you have made the order you just need to leave it out ready for the customer to collect. Simple!

To read more about how we recommend adding BrewRound into your workflow, check out our knowledge base for an in-depth breakdown.

Quick and easy to set up

Be live and taking orders in under 24 hours in just 4 simple steps.

1 – Fill in the short interest form below.

2 – We will create your profile and menu for you.

3 – Complete your payment details (so you can receive payments)

4 – Download the app. 

You are now live taking orders through BrewRound.

Low and transparent pricing

We understand how tight margins are for independent coffee shops. That is why BrewRound has been priced at a low rate of just 4% +20p per transaction. This includes payment processing, marketing and a fully funded rewards program. 

Order costs on a £3.00 Latte



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With BrewRound you only pay when it works. No joining fee. No monthly fixed fees. No hidden fees.

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