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Coffee Shop Subscription

The subscription that works for independent coffee shops

Receive orders from BrewRound Coffee Shop Subscription Members

BrewRound’s Coffee Shop Subscription is launching soon to help drive increased footfall into your coffee shop. Big brands are already reaping the benefits of subscriptions. Don’t miss out.

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Get new customers

Increase footfall

The BrewRound Coffee Shop Subscription increases footfall into your coffee shop from our existing members. Our customers have already paid for the drinks, you just need to take the order and provide them with great coffee.

How it works:

  1. Our members find your coffee shop on our app/ website
  2. They redeem one of their drinks on our app/ website
  3. Come and order in store at your coffee shop
  4. Show you the proof of redemption
  5. BrewRound pay you for the order
coffee shop ordering app transaction increase

Drive loyalty

Keep your customers coming back

coffee shop app

Your customers want to come back to your shop more often. The issue is that visiting coffee shops can be pricey. 

A pre-paid membership removes this hassle. Customers can simple turn up and enjoy your great coffee.


Get bigger orders

With all the extra footfall you will be getting it will be down to you to upsell your customers to make the most of it.

BrewRound Coffee Shop Members are entitled to set drinks depending on their membership tier. Your shop can upsell extras to drinks, (syrups and extra shots of espresso for example) as well as food items.

BrewRound will deliver the customers, you entice them to spend more.

Easy Management

Making payments a breeze

freshly made takeaway coffee

Since we are handling the subscriptions you simply need to make the orders and process payments for any upsells. 

On a monthly basis we’ll pay you the revenue you’ve made from our members. There is nothing else for you to worry about.

Getting started is simple

Getting started
Submit your interest and tell us about your coffee shop. Decide what hours you would like customers to be able to redeem drinks.
We'll get you setup
From the information you've provided we'll get your profile created on our website. We'll ensure it is optimised to make your coffee shop look as good as it does in person.
Let's launch
You'll go live on BrewRound. You will start getting new customers through your doors placing orders. Simply confirm redemptions at the time of customers placing orders.
Get paid
Each month you will receive a payout from us for all the orders you've taken. How simple is that?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
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Amazing benefits

Discover how much revenue you could make

Simply submit your email address below

Coffee Shop Subscription - FAQs

Technology is evolving fast. You have the likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee rolling out mobile ordering globally with great success. It is more important than ever to keep up with technology before you get left behind.

By joining BrewRound you can catch up in minutes with our technology. 

Taking mobile orders will change your order processing. As you will be taking more orders you will need to be able to make more coffee. This doesn’t mean you will need to hire more staff though.

As orders will be coming via app your staff will have more time to be able to make orders rather than processing them behind a till.

In short, yes. 

You will be getting discovered by more new customer via our app and marketing efforts. This means you will be getting more first time customers.

The extra benefit? Your existing customers will be even more loyal. Now ordering is simpler than ever they’ll keep coming back for more.