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Coffee Shop and Cafe Social Distancing

How to prepare your coffee shop for reopening and maintaining social distancing

Keep your staff and customers safe

We understand that these are challenging times and that coffee shops and cafes will be eager to open their doors. Here is our guide to help you prepare for the changes needed ahead with social distancing..

Keep distance

Keep distance between all staff and customers

Is it key to keep all staff and customers at least two metres apart wherever possible. We know coffee shops are often on the smaller side which can make this dificult but here are some tips.

For staff:

Try and keep staff working on unique stations. If you have enough room to separate food prep from the drinks station that is great. Allocate one member of staff per station and keep them on that one task. This limits the need for interaction and allows for maximum distance.

To keep staff levels down we also recommend an order ahead app. This means that you can reduce the headcount as you don’t need to have a member of staff taking phone orders and processing payments. Orders are placed by customers on the app and you just need to process them as they come through. If you would like to find out more, click here to find out everything about the BrewRound order ahead coffeeshop app.

For customers:

To make it as simple as possible for customers to keep the correct distance we recommend placing “stand here” floor stickers. If you place these at two meters apart, and in an orderly manner that makes sense for you coffee shop layout, you are optimising the space and keeping customers at the correct distance. Here are some floor signs we have found that should do the job. 

Limit numbers

Don't have too many people in your coffee shop/ cafe

When you reopen you are likely to be busy with regular customers desperate for their favourite coffee. It is key that you are prepared for this situation.

Like we have mentioned above we have recommended placing floors stickers to maintain social distancing. To further support this we also recommend limiting the headcount of customers allowed in your store at once. This should be no more than the amount of queue spaces you have available.

We recommend having a clear sign on your door explaining the rules. Here are a few things we think you should include:

  • How many customers are allowed in at once
  • Make it clear that if there are no floor spaces they should wait outside
  • Single customers only (no groups)

If you want to further limit the amount of customers in your shop at once you could also have a closed door policy. By this we mean you would implement an ordering solution, such as BrewRound, and tell customers to wait outside until there order has been marked as complete. These customers could then come in and collect the order from a central space away from the staff. 

This limits the amount of customers in your shop as well as removing and unnecessary contact between your customers and staff.

To find out more about the BrewRound ordering app click here.

Minimise contact

Keep your staff and customers separate

It is key to minimise contact between your staff and customers. Your staff will be serving numerous different people and you want to keep them as safe as possible.

We recommend the following.

Have a dedicated order collection point. Try and have a space for you staff to drop off orders that customers can collect from. Ideally, this would be a table or surface two meters away from the staff and two meters away from the first queue spot. This way you have minimised any contact.

Have the correct PPE. PPE guidance varies by country so please follow what is being recommended where you are. We suggest providing your staff will a fresh face mask every shift as we are providing hand sanitiser for regular cleaning.

Advanced orders

Takes orders ahead of time

To make things easiest for your staff take orders ahead of time. This can be via phone, social media or a coffee shop ordering app like BrewRound. If you are taking orders via phone or social media try to take payments over the phone or using contactless on collection. Avoid cash where you can.

If you are using a service such as BrewRound the order and payments are taken in advance. This has a couple of benefits:

  • Less interaction needed between staff and customers
  • Less staff needed to take orders, this provides more space for staff that are working 
  • Customers are updated on order progress (perfect if you are operating a closed door policy)
  • Less ordering issues as the customer selects from a menu you have created

If you would like to find out more about how BrewRound can help your coffee shop/ cafe click here.


Closing thoughts

These are just some of our recommendations to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible with social distancing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We have tried to provide advice that is true across all coffee shop and cafes regardless of location.

That being said, we understand each country has there own guidance so please make sure you are following those legislations. If you are in the UK here is what has been outlined by the government so far.

We know these are challenging times but the future is bright. Keep making great coffee. 

Stay safe, look after your staff and customers. 

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